Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Watching our Weight for Christmas-Great News..

Most years when preparing for Christmas and New Year I have had a tendency to gain a few extra pounds. (Few-poetic licence) So instead of having my pennies worth I decided to throw my hat in and get Tuppence worth and be honest with myself and try to persuade the rest of my sex to join me on how to deal with the festive season this year. I know that in the past although I wouldn’t admit it I had a little bit of this and a little bit of that which grew to an awful lot of it.  

Since I start my preparations early I realised that I had started falling into my old bad habits and wanting to try lots of new ideas which would give me the wrong kind of pounds. A source that does not say much about it usually (My Husband) whilst watching me in the kitchen said “As my wife, what you’re doing is not going to be a good advert for my new line in business. You must be aware that I am promoting a new healthy weight loss programme and if people see you with loads of weight it’s not going to help me because lots of my customers know us personally” 

I was stung by this and felt a bit hurt so I did not make an immediate reply. Bashed a few things around and he did his usual disappearing act. This gave me time to think. I knew that he had been talking to colleagues about releasing a completely Healthy Weight loss and had been in touch with senior representatives about the launching of this health product. So biting my tongue, still feeling a little bit sore I poured him a small portion of his favourite drink and said “Does it show that much?” He looked at me and said “the truth?” And I said “Yes” and He replied “You’ve answered that yourself” to which I replied “What can I do it’s so difficult as this time to avoid the temptations”


He smiled and said “I appreciate that and I really understand but this is a great chance for you to change a habit of a lifetime and start each day by testing the SimplyWeightLoss plan and see if it helps you to overcome the extra weight, enjoy the time and have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year without the usual resolution and grumpy attitude”. 

Well, feeling a bit odd, but with thought I had to admit there was a lot of truth in how I felt so I said “Get me a sample, I will try it, but I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work you have to make up to me for what you said” He replied “OK” and quietly handed me a bottle to start me on my way. 


Normally by this time in my preparations I would have put on a “Little” bit of weight and Happily I’m proudly going to admit that I have continued my preparations as normal But by taking SimplyWeightLoss no weight have I gained but amazingly I have lost a few pounds. I am very happy and so is he because my friends have asked me what I have been up to and I told them to try them @ and he is pleased in more than one way.

 My Reward

I feel good, we are both happy. I feel better and he has given me a new outfit for my slimmer figure which I have to wear on Christmas Day. I think that’s his crafty way of making sure that I continue with the weight loss. I’m smiling because I know I am taking them and I won’t have a problem. I’m sure there’s lot of other women like me and I’d like to wish them also to enjoy a Happy Christmas like me. 

That’s my Christmas Wish to all us Women who sometimes suffer whilst making everyone a Merry Christmas.

Ps Some of our husbands could probably do with a bit of help themselves. Will they be as receptive as me and you? Let me know…….


Monday, 1 February 2016

I Can’t Believe This

I Can’t Believe This. He Took a Photograph of Me

Many of you will be aware that I am married to Stanley Crichton and am part of his team for Simply75minerals but I have just witnessed a first. His recent Blog about us has shown a photograph of me. A First, Really, I usually take the photographs and he uses them. So this time I am going to share his Blog on my site for My Followers so they can see that am a real person and I do exist.

The Photograph is not flattering but we were having a good time and what he says is true. We do enjoy what we do and have made many friends whilst doing it. It is surprizing the different previous occupations that the others have held and it’s interesting to hear their stories. So I also welcome you to join our team and have fun and in the process find a Healthier, Happier and Wealthier lifestyle.

The link to Stans Blog and you can see my photo.Not the best but at least he took one.

Even the Weather Can’t Stop You If you Work From Home