Monday, 23 November 2015

A Call to Action - Calling All Scots

A Call to Action - Calling All Scots

I was born in England but I met and Married a Scot and we moved to Scotland, The best thing I've ever done. Scotland is now my Country. Because of my situation I'm aware that the UK outside Scotland are a jump ahead of Scotland with a Wonderful Health Product. I now want the Country of my Choice and Home to be acquainted this Opportunity that is available in other parts of the UK.

In England Simply75minerals are setting a blazing trail of success in both Health and Sports achievements using these Completely Natural Plant Minerals.

The minerals have been passed by the LGC as fit and safe for sports people to use because they are not drugs. This goes to the Top levels of Sports. It also improves the levels of Energy and Concentration. 

Medical Facts 

“Doctors trusted” Have also passed them so anyone can take them including Vegans, Vegetarians, Diabetics and Children.

Dr Gary Price-Todd stated "The human body needs at least 60 Minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state." Dr Todd also said "Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals"

Dr Carolyn Dean MD.ND Says "We should be eating Plant based Minerals"

Sadly our English counterparts are Successfully and Busily improving the lifestyle of the population in the southern part of the United Kingdom and it appears That Scotland to date does not appear to be as well informed about it. We will rectify that forthwith. This is our Opportunity to improve the quality of life of All Scots who have the desire. We are known for our entrepreneurial skills. Lets become a New Generation showing our capabilities. Tell Everyone. It's the Nations Health and Wealth that will Prosper.

SCOTLAND – I Want to Muster a Tartan Army to distribute and improve their Health and Wealth and the Health and Fitness of Friends, Families and those involved in Sporting activities Providing the best source of Plant Minerals that are "Certified"to have 75 Natural Pure Plant derived Minerals. 

Opportunity is knocking. Just Open the Door.

This ground breaking product is a 100% Natural drink called "Sizzling Minerals" (Also available in powder and capsule form) Not for retail. Only available on-line or through authorised Distributors.

Don’t Fall behind England-This Is Going World Wide

Join me. Make a Team of like minded people able to compete with those down south. It is Simply Simple and effective. There’s a growing army of people giving Testimonials as evidence as to the effectiveness of the Minerals. Some people say it’s a miracle, we prefer to call it a simple method of improving the Quality of Life.

A Call for Scots, Join Me and my Scottish Husband

To learn more go to
MOB: 0790 4988 440

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My Woman's World-Identifying Heart Attacks in Women

A Great Big Vote of Thanks to the Cardiology Department at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh.
They have developed a new blood test that improves the detection of Heart Attacks in Men but Mostly Women.

A Wonderful Breakthrough Enhances the Treatment.

Pass this on-If you feel any of the symptoms that are caused by a heart problem we all know what to do. The more people know the more successful the treatment.

The Symptoms
  • A dull pain, ache or "heavy" feeling in the chest
  • A mild discomfort in the chest that makes you feel generally unwell
  • Pain that spreads to the back, arm or stomach
  • Pain that feels like a bad episode of indigestion
  • Chest pain accompanied by feeling light-headed or dizzy
Quotes taken from Jennie Hope at Mail Online 21st January 2015

Anoop Shah, a University of Edinburgh cardiologist who has studied the test, said: ‘While similar numbers of men and women attend A&E with chest pains, we wanted to know why women are less likely to be diagnosed with a heart attack.

Whether using different thresholds for men and women will lead to more accurate diagnosis and improve outcomes is now being evaluated in a large clinical trial funded by the British Heart Foundation.’
Dr Shah based his 22 per cent diagnostic rate on the cases of 1,000 men and women admitted to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh with chest pain.

Three weeks ago, Jenni Stevens, from Edinburgh, collapsed at work with chest pain. The 41-year-old was rushed to the Royal Infirmary where she was diagnosed with a heart attack after being given the high-sensitive troponin blood test with the lower threshold for women.
Jenni said: ‘I’d been having chest pains for about a month. As a working mum, I put it down to stress. But last week, as I was walking into work, the pain got much worse and I collapsed, causing my colleagues to call an ambulance.
‘I felt a sense of reassurance when I got to the hospital. They took my blood and did other tests. They thought I’d had a heart attack. 
'I was treated with a stent to save my life. I’m so grateful that my heart attack was spotted and treated so well.’

Rosie @

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


I am So Happy

I have been negotiating a deal to obtain DVDs on the Self Defence For Women as I have been appalled by the increase on physical and sexual assaults on Women. Considering that we are 50% of the population and we have been getting stripped of our dignity.

These DVDs will be released to the public within the next few days. I have fought to get them at a reasonable price and I am pleased to say they are devised to prevent harm to 50% of the population but not with a view to do harm. So watch this space girls. Tell your friends so that we can all be able to enjoy ourselves going out without fear.

Self Defence For Women - Watch This Space


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Woman’s World-It’s also Yours-Equality is Here

My Woman’s World 

It’s also Yours, Equality is Here

Not Really – On Breakfast TV this morning it was revealed that female bosses receive 35% less than their male colleagues. We are improving our numbers in business and also self employed but in the business and commercial world it is an intuitional fact that the difference exists.

Break it –
My Offer to Women. This can be used by men equally but what I intend to achieve and emphasize is Equality in the workplace. We have the power – Here is the Opportunity.

The Opportunity has been with us for sometime

Now is the time to use it. What I am offering and promoting is “Copy This Idea” demonstrated by probably the most successful Entrepreneur in the UK. A £50M Success.

Self employed and small Home based businesses have never before had more potential to success than in today’s world particularly for women. The chances are beyond our dreams even more than we thought we could achieve.
Just Think    
Look back. A few years ago there was no Internet, No Blogging, No Facebook, No Twitter or Google.
This meant that only the Rich could start up in business as one required offices with high rates and rents, high overheads and the cost of advertising, Phenomenal!!!

The Big Change - Women learnt new skills. Typists became computer operators and became fully skilled in using the subjects mentioned above. We now have an equal launch pad with our male colleagues and in some cases, better. To use a well worn phrase. Wev’e never had it so good. We now have a better chance to compete. The Internet is open to all.

It is FREE. It is EASY, maybe too Easy, Too many people jumped in. It looked so Easy that people started sites trading in trash. This needed counteracting. Avoid Spamming at all costs.


Follow a proper system that has been proven to work. Do not provide poor quality products. Find people who want to improve their lifestyles. You have the skills. You now have equality. This is your opportunity to show you have the ability to work a straight forward system. One you can adapt and stamp your own authority on. Take the advantage of sharing the knowledge of a mentor but express your own character and develop your own ideas. 
The Barriers are no longer Down
 The Internet Market is the largest in the world. It blew away many of the obstacles of the past. Sexism is receding although it still exists as is racism. There is no place for that in our modern world. We are all equal

Join Me, Follow Me.

Start with this “No Risk” Plan and from then on it’s up to you.
My Woman’s World is changing so is yours. You have the Ability. You have the means and the inspiration. We can all improve our own world. Never had we such a chance. We are 50% of the population. Join me, Progress Together, Help each other.
We are a Community.

Let’s do it together. Listen to this webinar its part of our sharing world  
I wish to make it clear I’m not just a feminist, I believe in Equality. I also think if you can’t beat them, join them

The ordinary Guy who Devised a System from a Business he Started in his Back Room and Earned Him over £50Million  Andrew Reynolds


Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Woman’s World - Select a good Mentor

Hi Girls. I am aware that the Guys view my blogs etc and they are welcome but today I am concentrating on improving the lifestyles of my Sisters.

We are 50% of the world’s population but to date we don’t have as much representation as our male
counter parts. We have come a long way in the last 100 years and the Internet is a means for us to improve our role in the world.

My aim is to encourage my 50% of the population to increase our activity on the worlds’ stage.

As I said I am not against men, because the system I use to change my lifestyle on the Internet is following a man who has provided what I consider a well drawn out method to follow. “Copy This Idea” is a designated business plan one can use to present his or your own products to the market. We Girls should be fully aware of our own talents; some of us are artistic and could use the Internet to design and promote new styles of websites etc.

Others (my Sister Included) are brilliant at research. Others are very capable of inventing games for Children and many more. What I am saying is, we have talent, each of us must be aware of our own strengths, so let us use them. One of my pillars is Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook.

This is the time. If you are thinking about doing something new; don’t ask yourself what are you afraid of? Be positive and promote what you are good at. Just do it. Don’t try to appeal to everyone, but select a specific market. I want to see lots of new ideas and success stories for my half of the population.

Some ideas from

  1. Pick what you want to promote and select someone whom you find appeals and are in line with your views to be your mentor. One whom you can engage in a long term relationship whilst improving your own niches. Find one that will prevent you spending money on useless sources.

  1. Don’t try to appeal to everyone. A Shepherdess does not try to sell her product to a vegetarian.

  1. Tell them in simple language what you have. Don’t try to impress with stereotype phrases.

  1. Don’t just copy the jargon of the successful. Everyone else will be doing that. Show your individuality.

I want as many of us to gain recognition and success. So if you have a friend or relation with a good idea, tell them about this to promote their idea. We will all benefit by their successes. We may produce another Marianne Elliot. So if you don’t like the way your future looks, Change it.

Here’s my Motto

“Success Breeds Success”


Start with a good solid basic proven plan. Then use your Women’s intuition to provide your Business with a touch of individuality. You can enjoy what you are doing where and when you like. Most importantly Enjoy. Please share this and your comments with others. The mentors role is to share information and guide you and save you making mistakes which he made and should speed up the process for you rather than dabbling around on your own. Please avoid offers of making thousands of pounds and dollars overnight. Select someone who has built a complete new lifestyle for himself and can genuinely prove his or her success and this will make a good long term prosperous relationship.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Womens Views on the Internet
Yesterday popped into the restaurant at my local driving range. There was a group of women I know, so I joined them for a coffee. The conversation drifted towards attitude's and what we hoped and wanted from life. It was interesting to listen and learn.

To summarize most agreed we should know ourselves, get to know what we really want and when work was discussed most wanted a job they enjoyed and were happy to be involved in.

It was almost unanimous, it was not good to be guided or directed by members of the family as they were already entrenched and stuck in their ways.

My conclusion was, I was happy to enjoy my private life running my business from home and the freedom that this allowed me.

The Internet has changed all our lives, it has changed my lifestyle to the better and everyone agreed one way or another it had made major changes to all our lives and mostly for the good.

Finally, an afterthought, men adapt and become very skillful but women are naturals. We take it up like ducks to water. It's our chance to be a fish in the big pond.

I wish good luck and success to all.


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Memories at Moving Times

6th June D Day

I was not born but each year at this time there are many things that I find very moving. As well as the stories being told on television, which often brings tears to my eye's. So many stories that have never been told about so many people who did fantastic work without recognition.Today when the news talked about Vera Lynn, who sang to the troops all those years ago, is now in her late 90's. I just thought How Wonderful. Her songs must bring back many memories to lots of people.

I am singing in a concert this month and we are celebrating part of it with a selection of songs from that era. I hope we do them justice.